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What is Zyberswap (ZYB)?

Zyberswap is one of the first decentralized exchanges (DEX) with an automated market-maker (AMM) on the Arbitrum blockchain. Slightly more than a month after its launch, Zyberswap has established itself as the DEX with the largest Total Value Locked (TVL) of $146.5 million on Arbitrum, serving just 5,000 users.

For those seeking low swapping fees or wanting to explore the Arbitrum ecosystem, Zyberswap is a crucial decentralized application (DApp) that should be noticed.

What is Zyberswap?

Zyberswap is a decentralized exchange built on the Arbitrum blockchain, featuring an AMM mechanism. Over its competitors, Zyberswap facilitates the swapping of crypto assets with minimal fees. Furthermore, it offers some of the most lucrative rewards for staking and yields farming in the entire Arbitrum ecosystem. Zyberswap is committed to user involvement in decision-making processes. Major changes to the platform will be decided through governance voting, allowing users to have a say in the direction of the platform.

As an AMM, Zyberswap enables users to trade coins within the Arbitrum network in a non-custodial manner without intermediaries and excessive fees. Trading fees are distributed to liquidity providers, incentivizing them to provide the required depth of liquidity that helps deliver favorable prices across the board.

Key Features of Zyberswap

Zyberswap has quickly emerged as the leading DEX on Arbitrum since its launch on January 2023. The implementation of Concentrated Liquidity (CL), a unique and advanced feature that most of its competitors do not offer (excluding Uniswap), has played a vital role in this success. Concentrated Liquidity is a behind-the-scenes optimization that enables Zyberswap to perform like a world-class DEX, significantly boosting liquidity providers’ earnings potential.

The benefits of Concentrated Liquidity on Zyberswap are numerous. The platform operates on a self-reinforcing feedback loop, where more liquidity leads to more efficient trading and attracts more traders, deepening liquidity. With partnerships established with leading aggregators like 1inch and OpenOcean, Zyberswap is poised to attract even more large-volume trades, generating additional protocol revenue.

Furthermore, offering Concentrated Liquidity sets Zyberswap apart in a crowded DEX space, highlighting its unique value proposition and sustainability as a profitable, community-driven project. The Zyberswap team has worked tirelessly to build a range of features, including triple rewards in USDC, ETH, and ZYB, a referral program, top-tier partnerships, collaborative governance, a fiat onramp, and a launchpad.

Zyberswap’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions like Concentrated Liquidity and a range of value-added features demonstrates its dedication to creating a sustainable and profitable ecosystem for its users and investors.

Zyberswap launched its platform token, ZYB, using the fair launch method following a fixed supply linear emission model. The token distribution is coupled with burning or deflationary mechanisms to reduce overall supply. Holders of the ZYB tokens will have a say in the project’s direction, with all decisions polled via the Snapshot voting mechanism.

Does Zyberswap have a token?
What about ZLP?

Aside from ZYB, users can become liquidity providers by pooling their crypto assets into Zyberswap’s liquidity pools. In return, they will receive Zyberswap Liquidity Provider tokens (ZLP) as proof of providing liquidity. These tokens represent a proportional share of the pooled assets and allow users to reclaim their funds anytime. Every time the pool trades between the primary and base tokens, a portion of the trading fee goes back to the LP pool, ensuring low fees while offering lucrative rewards to liquidity providers. This is crucial to maintaining a sustainable and healthy DEX.

How to Use Zyberswap?

1. Launch the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet and switch to the Arbitrum network. Then, click on [DApp] and search for [Zyberswap].

2. Review the details of the DApp and click on [Confirm] to enter Zyberswap.

3. All Zyberswap features are available from the menu bar on the right. You may select [Trade] to swap tokens or [Liquidity] to add liquidity and earn extra income.

4. There are other ways to maximize your returns in Zyberswap, such as [Zap] and [Farms].

In summary, Zyberswap has quickly established itself as the go-to decentralized exchange on the Arbitrum network, with the largest Total Value Locked (TVL) of $146.5 million in just over a month. Its unique features, including Concentrated Liquidity, triple rewards, and collaborative governance, have set the platform apart from its competitors, making it a crucial DApp for those seeking low swapping fees and exploring the Arbitrum ecosystem. To get started with Zyberswap, launch the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet, switch to the Arbitrum network, and start exploring the range of features available to maximize your returns.

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