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Why BitKeep Swap can find the best payment channel?

BitKeep Swap is a one-stop aggregated swap platform which supports cross-chain swaps between any tokens.

Advantages of BitKeep Swap:
  1. It provides K-charts for tokens to present the users with the most accurate dynamics of the tokens in DEX.
  2. It aggregates 100+ major DEXs on 20+ major public blockchains and supports over 250,000 tokens. Users can make swift swaps between any token pairs.
  3. It automatically finds the optimal payment channel with the most favorable price, which saves users a lot of gas fees.
The mainnets that BitKeep Swap supports are:

ETH (Ethereum)
BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
SOL (Solana)
TRON (Tronprotocol)
MATIC (Polygon)
HECO (Huobi ECO Chain)
OEC (OKExChain)
OP (Optimism)
FTM (Fantom)
KLAY (Klaytn)
ARB (Arbitrum One)
AVAX (Avalanche)
KCC (KuCoin Community Chain)
ONE (Harmony)
CELO (Celo)
FUSE (FuseNetwork)
CRO (Cronos)
IoTex (IOTX)
GT (GateChain)
Welcome to joint us in the BitKeep Telegram community https://t.me/bitkeep. Here you can ask any questions about your Swap trades and our service staff will always be at your service.

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