What is Biswap?

  • Biswap is a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the BNB Chain, offering unique features in the BSC ecosystem.
  • The platform offers liquidity mining, staking services, and uses the BSW token to empower participants and provide benefits.
  • Biswap V3 introduces enhanced AMM and liquidity farming features, allowing liquidity providers to concentrate capital within specific price range thereby maximizing efficiency.

Biswap is an innovative decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that facilitates the seamless swapping of BEP-20 tokens on the BNB Chain, and also received strategic investments from Binance. Positioned as the leading DEX operating on the chain, Biswap distinguishes itself by offering a host of remarkable features that present a formidable challenge to several prominent decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms within the BSC ecosystem.

Unique Features of Biswap
Liquidity Mining

Additionally, Biswap also encompasses a comprehensive suite of services designed to maximize user benefits and opportunities for yield generation. Through liquidity mining, users can provide liquidity to various token pairs and earn rewards in the form of additional tokens. The yield farming functionality enables users to deploy their assets in select farming pools, where they can earn lucrative returns based on the allocated stake. Additionally, Biswap offers staking services, allowing users to lock their tokens for a specified period and earn rewards for supporting the network’s stability and security.

BSW Token

The BSW token plays a pivotal role within the Biswap exchange ecosystem, serving as the platform’s native token. Designed to incentivize liquidity providers and users, the BSW token empowers participants to engage in various activities and derive benefits from the Biswap platform. This discussion aims to delve into the intricacies of the BSW token, exploring its use cases, the mechanisms that contribute to its long-term value, and its impact on liquidity provision and transaction fees.

Token Utility

The BSW token possesses diverse use cases, allowing token holders to engage in various activities within the Biswap ecosystem. For instance, token holders may stake their BSW tokens in launchpools, enabling them to acquire other tokens as rewards. This mechanism encourages token holders to participate actively in token launches and allows them to expand their crypto portfolios by acquiring new assets.

Additionally, BSW token holders also have the opportunity to stake tokens provided by liquidity providers in Biswap Farms pairs, which enables them to earn BSW tokens as incentives. By staking these tokens, participants contribute to the liquidity of the platform, promoting a vibrant and efficient trading environment while being rewarded with BSW tokens.

Biswap V3

The latest version of Biswap, Biswap V3, will see a host of new features and upgrades being added to the platform, including an enhanced AMM and liquidity farming.

Biswap AMM V3

Automated Market Maker (AMM) is a foundational element within the structure of decentralized exchanges (DEXs), leveraging algorithms to facilitate automated trading within liquidity pools. As DEXs have evolved, so too has the functionality of AMM.

Biswap DEX is currently embarking on a significant upgrade by transitioning from AMM V2 to AMM V3. What sets these two versions apart?

In AMM V2, liquidity is evenly spread across the price curve from 0 to infinity. However, this approach often results in a substantial portion of liquidity being underutilized, given that most cryptocurrencies tend to trade within specific price ranges.

Conversely, AMM V3 introduces an innovative feature that empowers Biswap Liquidity Providers to concentrate their capital within specific price intervals. By defining a targeted price range, liquidity providers can align their liquidity provision with the areas where most trading activities occur. This strategic approach offers the potential for up to 4000 times greater capital efficiency compared to V2, maximizing the utility of liquidity provision.

Biswap V3 Farms

Biswap V3 Farms offer a compelling comparison to cloud crypto mining, providing liquidity providers with lucrative advantages and a user-friendly experience. By participating in V3 Farms, liquidity providers can enjoy automatic engagement and receive additional cryptocurrency rewards. This is achieved by selecting a liquidity pool with a specific fee tier that has active rewards from Farms and positioning their liquidity within the designated range.

For instance, consider the BSW-BNB pool, which offers four different fee tiers: 0.015%, 0.08%, 0.28%, and 1%. The Farm rewards are activated exclusively for one of these fee tiers.

The selection of pools is meticulously carried out by Biswap’s professional analyst team based on comprehensive market and internal analyses.

NFT Liquidity Position

In addition, Biswap V3 Farms introduce the concept of NFT LP (Non-fungible Liquidity Position). Instead of receiving LP tokens, liquidity providers receive NFT LP, which stores essential data regarding the provided liquidity, including fees, asset amounts, selected token pairs, and more. This NFT LP serves as an independent contract, verifying participation in the pool.

By leveraging the advantages offered by Biswap V3 Farms, liquidity providers can enjoy simplified initiation, reduced network fees, and the potential to earn additional crypto rewards. This framework allows liquidity providers to optimize their participation and capitalize on the income-generating potential of their assets.


Biswap stands as a prominent decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology to offer a wide range of features and benefits to its users. With its native token, BSW, Biswap incentivizes liquidity providers and users, fostering a thriving ecosystem. The weekly burning mechanisms implemented on the platform contribute to the long-term value appreciation of the BSW token by reducing its total supply.

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Through its transition from AMM V2 to AMM V3, Biswap DEX introduces significant upgrades and enhancements to its automated market maker functionality. The introduction of price concentration and improved capital efficiency in V3 allows liquidity providers to maximize their returns and optimize their engagement with the platform.

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