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Wallet switching and miner fee settings

How to switch wallets

Open the BitKeep App, click [My Wallet] to select the wallet you want to switch.

How to Set Miner Fees

1)Open the BitKeep wallet, select the currency you want to trade, enter the currency details page, and click [Transfer] (here, HT is used as an example);

2)Enter [Transfer Address] [Transfer Amount] [Memo] and click [Confirm] to enter the signature information interface; Note: If the transfer is to a centralized wallet (exchange), the token of the receiving address needs to be accompanied by Memo.

3)Enter the signature information interface, click [Miner fee] to enter the miner fee setting page, select according to your needs, and click [Confirm].

What are the common reasons for transfer failure
  • Insufficient gas fee (not enough miner fee)
  • The gas fee is too low (the miner fee set during the transfer is lower than the current standard, and the block has not been confirmed for a long time, resulting in failure)
  • Node error (under the current environment, the node you are using reports an error, the block is behind, the delay and other reasons cannot be confirmed with the entire block network, resulting in the transfer failure)
  • Token contract problem (the use of the compiler does not conform to the standard, the token contract logic loophole and other reasons cause the transfer to fail)

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