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The gas fee actually cost me more than 90 U?

I didn’t expect that the content of our column would be updated so frequently. I can only blame the liars in the crypto world for being extra creative, and they have recently figured out “new things”.

If your BitKeep wallet received an inexplicable airdrop, at first glance, 0.5 Token is worth more than 300 U, what would your first reaction be?

a. It may be that the project I tested casually one day is now finally coined, and I will add a meal in the evening!

b. Which idiot forwarded to the wrong address again, now it’s mine!

c. Sell it first, hahahaha

d. Select all of the above

I choose D, and now I will sell this airdrop for money, and open Swap skillfully:


When I thought I was about to collect more than 300 knives for nothing, I found that the handling fee was not enough and the transaction failed!

But it’s impossible, the handling fee is obviously enough (about 10U), I try to trade other coins:


The transaction was successful!

However, a user in the middle of the trap was not so lucky. He thought he could pick up 300U for nothing, but not only did he not get the money for selling the airdrop, but he also posted more than 90 U.

So obviously, this scam is to use airdrop coins to make you mistakenly think that you can sell them for 300U. Once you authorize the transaction successfully, the coins in your account will be transferred by the scammers. In fact, it is not particularly different from the airdrop and Dapp over-authorization scams that we have exposed before.

Use your greed to cheat your principal.

So you must be wary of inexplicable airdrop coins, there will be no pie in the sky.

In addition, everyone should realize that a strange currency with unknown origin is likely to have a smart contract full of traps behind it. Once you authorize this smart contract, it is equivalent to a crook who can arbitrarily manipulate your account funds.

Identifying scammers airdrop coins: These coins that indicate risks are generally in public chains such as BSC/HECO, which are cheaper to issue coins.


BitKeep will launch a “Smart Contract Security Detection” widget in the future. The page is as follows:


After the function is launched, you can detect suspicious unfamiliar currencies and make sure that there are no such common authorization risks before trading.

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