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Several common reasons and solutions for failed transactions

BitKeep Swap has become one of the most frequently used functions in the wallet, because it matches users with the best price of the transaction currency through a series of aggregated transactions, providing cheap and easy-to-use transaction services. However, due to the complexity of smart contracts on different mainnets and other program issues, users may encounter the following situations when using Swap transactions. Here we will give you a detailed answer.

1) The transaction fails but the fee is still deducted
Regardless of the reason for the transaction failure, the miner fee will be deducted once the transaction is on the chain. The miner fee is charged by the block, not by the wallet.
About miner fee: Gas fee is the handling fee paid to miners. When you transfer money on Ethereum (or other) blockchains, miners must package your transaction and put it on the blockchain before you can To complete the transaction, the computing resources of the blockchain will be consumed in the process, so a fee must be paid. Gas Fee is obtained by multiplying Gas Limit (limit) and Gas Price (price).

2) The reason why the transaction failed
Unable to trade may be due to your [slippage tolerance is too low] or the [token liquidity too low] you exchanged.
Solution: Refresh the page and try again; try trading a smaller amount; increase the slippage tolerance; if it still doesn’t work, you can try reducing the number of decimal places for the exchange amount.
In addition, if the main chain of the transaction currency is inconsistent, the transaction cannot be confirmed. Please check the main chain of the currency on the page.
The failure of the transaction may also be due to [token contract limit selling] or [Gas is too low], [burning coins], etc. If you cannot judge the specific situation, you can contact BitKeep official customer service with a screenshot of the transaction.

3) After the transaction failed, the wallet did not return the coins
Under normal circumstances, if the coin is not refunded, the background processing of the system may be slow. You can contact BitKeep official customer service for feedback and processing.

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