PolyStarter is a fully decentralized project accelerator on Polygon and the first IDO platform on Polygon. PolyStarter employs a tiered program where holders of $POLYS tokens are guaranteed access to seed rounds, pre-sale and public sales of projects on the PolyStarter platform.

About Polystarter

The main goal of Polystarter is to incubate and launch high-quality, fresh and innovative projects (initial Dex products) to further enhance the overall ecological value of Polygon and the benefits of investors. PolyStarter itself is inextricably linked with Polygon, after all, the founder of PolyStarter is Polygon’s former CMO.


At the heart of the Polystarter decentralized ecosystem is the POLYS token. The purpose of POLYS tokens is to empower holders so that they can not only enjoy the exciting features offered by the Polystarter platform, but also play an active role in the governance and decision-making process that drives Polystarter’s future growth.

1. Staking for Pool Access

POLYS is the ticket to earn PolyPower and participate in decentralized fundraising of Polygon projects in the Polystarter ecosystem.

Many of the IDO platforms in operation today have an allocation system where the amount of funds a user is allowed to invest depends directly on the amount of the platform’s native token that the user holds. This skews the playing field heavily towards those users who hold a greater amount of tokens while leaving little to no funds for small investors.

This is the classical “The Rich Get Richer” dilemma.

Polystarter has implemented a tier-based lottery system in order to level out the playing field. Each user is assigned one of 4 possible lottery tiers, and the probability of winning an IDO allocation is greater for higher lottery tiers.

The lottery tier assigned to a user depends on the amount of PolyPower the user possesses, which can be earned by staking POLYS on Polystarter.

Now, the amount of PolyPower depends not only on the amount of POLYS staked but also on the duration of staking. In other words, greater the involvement in the platform, higher the lottery tier, and hence greater the chance of winning an IDO allocation. Users who keep staking POLYS on a month-to-month basis will earn additional PolyPower.

2. Governance

Polystarter wants to create a completely decentralized ecosystem, where users and community members will decide the future course of development.

POLYS holders will have the power to vote on various governance policies, such as development and integration of new features on the platform, ecosystem initiatives, distribution of platform fees, and liquidity rewards among users, even which project gets featured on Polystarter. They will also be able to propose new governance policies apart from voting on existing proposals.

Users would have to hold a certain minimum amount of POLYS tokens to be able to submit proposals or vote. Greater the amount of POLYS held, greater will be the voting power of a user.

This has been done to enhance the security of the Polystarter ecosystem and keep malicious players out of the decision-making process. A user who holds a greater amount of POLYS is expected to have a vested interest in the progress of the platform, and would logically act in a manner that leads to the welfare of the ecosystem.

Once a proposal meets with the approval of the Polystarter community through a greater amount of positive votes, the Polystarter team will work to implement the particular feature within the Polystarter platform.

3. Liquidity Mining

Polystarter will support a range of liquidity pools in the near future. Liquidity providers will be rewarded with POLYS tokens in order to incentivize users to provide liquidity. A fixed amount of POLYS tokens will be distributed per day as liquidity rewards, and the amount of POLYS each liquidity provider earns will depend on his/her proportionate share of liquidity.

The exact details of the liquidity mining rewards structure have not been determined yet. More details will be released as we get closer to the launching of the Polystarter IDO platform.

4. User Participation Incentives

Polystarter wants to vest the power of governance back into the hands of users and community members. With this power also comes the responsibility of helping the Polystarter platform reach its full potential.

In order to incentivize participants who engage in platform services, distributed governance, and community activities. Polystarter will reward active and enterprising community members by rewarding them through POLYS tokens. Such participants will also be eligible to earn a higher lottery tier. More details will be made available to the community on this over the next few weeks.

How to participate

1) Launch Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) app, switch to Polygon,

2) Tap Browser, enter “polystarter” in the search field, then tap the desired search result;

3) Browse DApp details and tap Confirm to access the DApp home page, where you can explore all kinds of its features;

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