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Plato Farm is a popular metaverse game that launched Polygon, creating a farm-themed, Web3-oriented metaverse ecology. According to the official announcement of the project, on March 24, Plato Farm added more than 6,000 players in a single day, and the number of users increased by more than 18,000 in 7 days.

Plato Farm has recently partnered with multiple platforms and will launch its IEO in mid-April 2022. You can learn about the charm of Plato Farm through Polygon Consensus 2022.

Introducing Plato Farm

Plato Farm is an NFT game that supports HRC721, HRC1155 and ERC1155 protocols. Players are tasked with growing plants and raising livestock on a small farm to earn MARK and PLATO tokens, which can then be used with various NFT items to turn their barren land into a thriving city. Players can also create their own guild and earn money while playing.

The Plato Farm project was developed by Second Space Studio and launched in 2018. The core members of the project have developed and operated a wide variety of large-scale online games, from world-renowned game teams and blockchain developers such as Jurassic World Evolution.

Plato Farm has been a huge success in the North American market, attracting 2 million users and over 200,000 DAUs. The game combines the underlying contract technology architecture of the blockchain with fully embedded in-game users who can thrive by making money while playing in its scientific trading system.

It is reported that PlatoFarm has currently obtained block venture, OKEx Blockdream Ventures, Huobi Ventures, Chronos Ventures, ZBS Capital, Chain Broker, CryptoDep, Vadym Piholenko, Crypto PHD, OP Crypto, K&R, Formless Capital, Gagarin Crypto, Gcrypto Media, Top7ICO, Institutional investment such as Block Patch.


Farm system

The achievements of the players in the farm system are reflected in the farm system. Breeding and breeding is done through farms. Players can buy production resources and land in their wallets, and get corresponding rewards for their work in the game.

For example, at the beginning of the game, the player uses PLATO to buy a piece of planting land, plant the wheat seedlings purchased with MARK on the planting land, wait for 30 minutes for the wheat to mature, then harvest the wheat, and then sell the wheat at the price of MARK, and then it can be used in the secondary market. free trade.

This is one of the ways to play the farm system, and it is also the main way of interaction. There are rare NFT resources and common items in the farm.

Some rare items include land, special crops, special tools, special fruit trees, special animals, and processing workshops. All of these need to be unlocked with PLATO tokens. These rare NFT items will continue to be released as the game progresses.

Trading System

Players of Plato’s Farm harvest a bountiful harvest through their work. Crop harvesting of agricultural by-products takes 30 minutes, depending on the crop. Three stages are involved: seed state, developmental state and mature state. After the crops are mature, players can obtain agricultural and sideline products through specific operations.

Some agricultural and sideline product transactions use MARK tokens, and some commodity transactions use PLATO tokens. Players can trade freely according to their own needs.

Mining system

By staking MARK tokens in the in-game bank, you can mine PLATO tokens and pledge PLATO tokens. PLATO mining is also possible.

Social system

Friends: Players can choose to be friends with any other player in the game. Friends can communicate with each other by saying hello and trading. There are also special friend missions.

Alliances: Players can earn rewards by joining alliances, which can help them improve agricultural production and mining efficiency. In the game, players can also form alliances to seek help and communicate. Players can interact with alliance members through orders and donations to achieve transactions between products.

Players need to submit an application to start an alliance. All members of the alliance are invited directly or indirectly by the founder of the alliance. The league is divided into 5 levels:

Alliance level is upgraded to the required number of members, which grows exponentially with each level. The original alliance had no other functions, and the founders could only passively receive dividends from the production tax.


Plato Farm has a dual token system, game token MARK and governance token PLATO.

As a governance token, PLATO is also a status symbol, and the number of PLATO remains unchanged at 100 million tokens. It is both the token of the gaming platform and a status symbol. The more PLATO players hold, the higher their rank. Players can obtain PLATO through secondary market transactions or MARK Staking. Rare NFT items and basic production materials such as land, factories, farms, etc. must be exchanged for PLATO. To advance or unlock more game content, players need to hold a certain amount of Plato. At the same time, in order to maintain a certain level of deflation, 50 percent of the team’s revenue will be burned.

1.The more PLATO players hold, the faster the advanced NFT minting.

2.By holding PLATO, players are eligible to submit DAO proposals, vote and share treasury dividends.

3.PLATO can also pay for fixed assets in the game, such as land and factories.

Plato Farm in-game NFT now supports multiple chains such as Polygon, BSC, HECO, OEC, etc.

MARK can be used to purchase all non-fixed assets in the ecosystem, such as seeds, livestock, raw materials for processing plants, tools, etc., and players need to use USDT, HT and The PLATO token is used as a bargaining chip, especially the purchase of some scarce NFT real estate requires the use of PLATO.

How to participate

Plato Farm is an NFT game that supports HRC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols. Players can participate in the game in the following ways:

1) Launch BitKeep app, switch to Polygon,

2) Tap Browser, enter “Plato Farm” in the search field, then tap the desired search result;

3) Browse DApp details and tap Confirm to access the DApp home page, where you can explore all kinds of its features;

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