Phishing scam

Fake phishing websites are highly simulated in both URL and page design to pretend to be official websites. In digital asset transactions, the most common occurrence is that illegal elements publish false information on phishing websites using “arbitrage”, “high rebates”, “airdrop rewards”, “whitelist activities”, etc. as gimmicks.

Generally, when receiving this kind of information, you need to carefully screen the website. Although it looks exactly the same website, the domain name will still be different. As long as you carefully screen it, you can prevent it.

BitKeep reminds users not to rashly click on unknown websites, do not enter your wallet address and private key mnemonic on unknown websites, and do not save account passwords and personal information by default to avoid being caught by phishing websites or network Trojans.

BitKeep V7.0 Security Upgrade

Original DEMS encryption algorithm

4 years of operation with zero safety incidents

Serving 5,000,000 users from around the world

App built-in security measures include:

  • Security center
  • Transfer Tips
  • Currency blacklist
  • Fake contract reminder

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