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NINJA’S world(NJW)[Gamefi]

Ninja’s World (Ninja World) is the first ninja adventure game that integrates PVE, PVP, and GVG (guild PK), and has accumulated more than 100,000 users. The game itself has been running stably for more than three years, and has attracted hundreds of thousands of players and millions of fans in the Southeast Asian market.

Introducing Ninja’s world

The game Ninja’s world is currently a game project based on the Polygon chain for chain modification. Players can form their own ninja team, and the guild will take risks and fight in the ninja world, complete daily tasks, and improve the arena ranking to obtain token rewards. Guilds can declare war on each other and send ninjas to participate in guild battles to get rewards. Guilds can declare war on each other and send ninjas to participate in guild battles to get rewards.
The game has been supported by YGG India. YGG India is an organization officially established by the YGG Association and Polygon in India. The goal is to explore and promote high-quality GameFi projects.


Ninja’s World has a huge world view and rich combat skills. The battle in the game is not a simple attack and defense competition, but a dynamic real-time battle. For example, each ninja has a different attack range and speed, some are good at attacking, some are good at healing and so on. Each ninja has 5 combat skills, and these skills are not repeated. During the battle, it is very important for players to choose and match the ninja lineup, which makes the battle more fun and the immersion of ninja cultivation is stronger.

Players can experience the world of ninjas. Players can make their ninjas stronger by leveling up, finding equipment, and improving their abilities. You can also participate in pvp and compete with other players.

While emphasizing the playability of the game itself, Ninja World also pays great attention to the sustainability of the economic model of the game ecology and the planning and design of the game extension ecology. In terms of economic model, Ninja World has done a lot of innovation. You can visit the official website for a detailed understanding of the economic model. After understanding, you will find that this project is very different from other chain games in terms of economic model. It pays more attention to ecological sustainability and the circulation of ecological value. By combining with DeFi, the entire game ecosystem has strong continuous vitality.

In terms of extending ecological planning, Ninja World has a relatively long-term plan. It not only focuses on the upgrade plan of the game itself, but also leaves an open ecological interface. In the future, it can connect to other ecosystems and even have more plans in the metaverse field. In addition to gamefi, there are also plans for SocialFi and dual digital economy. Of course these are long-term plans.

In terms of team, Ninja World is built by professional game teams in Southeast Asia (Singapore and Vietnam), and is empowered by technology and traffic from Polygon and CHAIR platforms. The team has strong practical experience in terms of game industry experience or blockchain technology and economic model.


In terms of basic gameplay, it integrates different types of gameplay, such as development, duel, and exploration, so that the game has a rich playable experience.

The core of the game is the collection and training of ninja nfts, and players must strive to build a stronger ninja team. Around ninja training, there are many ways to play, including: ninja upgrade, advanced, equipment upgrade, skill upgrade. In the future, ninja training (breeding) and real estate projects in the ninja village will also be opened.

The game is divided into two stages: PVE and PVP. PVE is based on a complex and rich combat system. Players need to send 5 different ninja nfts to fight. The battle takes the form of 5 ninjas vs 5 ninjas, and each ninja has its own different attributes and skills. Their strength, as well as a reasonable formation of troops, will determine the outcome of the battle. The winner will be rewarded with gold coins (NJC), and the stronger the team can challenge the more difficult levels and get more rewards.

In the PVE stage, players can also compete against each other to obtain season rankings for greater rewards.

In terms of economic model, the design of the economic model of the Ninja project reflects the following characteristics:

  • Attractive and manageable inflation mechanism.
  • Orderly and reasonable value cycle system at the same time.
  • Independent and interdependent dual-token mechanism inside and outside the game.
  • A flexible and resilient token price formation mechanism.

Specifically, Ninja’s world has designed an attractive but reasonable P2E mechanism inside the game, which not only ensures playability, but also meets the property requirements of game finance, thus ensuring basic competitiveness. Reasonable character settings, upgrade strategies, and confrontation strategies ensure the improvement and liquidity of in-game assets.

Through the mutual convertibility of in-game tokens and platform management tokens, the exchange strategy of NFT assets and platform tokens, the pledge of in-game assets, and the pledge of various assets in the platform, the orderly flow of ecological internal value, internal and external ecology is realized. The circulation of value, thus realizing the orderliness and expansion of ecological value expansion and the elasticity of short-term price fluctuations.

In the generation of platform currency, the contribution value of four dimensions is creatively introduced and converted into the mining computing power of platform currency. While ensuring the free flow of user assets, these four dimensions have achieved a certain degree of institutional deflation, and the value input of DEFI has continuously enhanced the value of the platform token.

The total number of NFTs at the beginning of the game is 40,000. In the process of the game, a certain amount of drops (additional issuance) and destruction will also be carried out by merging and upgrading.

Among them, in the early stage of the project, 20,000 NFTs were sold through auctions, community subscriptions, etc., thus starting the game ecology. In addition, 20,000 basic NFTs will be airdropped during the ecological development process.

In future upgrades, it is also possible to introduce external NFTs into ecological games, thereby expanding NFT assets and community players. However, this upgrade must be approved by the community before it can be implemented.


There are two tokens in the project. One is the in-game token NJC: unlimited additional issuance and unlimited destruction, which can be used for the purchase and upgrade of in-game assets, and can also be used to exchange the platform token NJW to achieve cash out.

The other is the game ecological management token NJW.

The total design volume of the project platform token NJW is 1 billion. The distribution is as follows:

  • Institutional round of private placement 4.5% lock-up period of 16 months, TGE 7%
  • Community round private placement 7.5% lock-up period of 16 months, TGE 7%
  • IDO 1.1% lock-up period of 3 months, TGE 30%
  • Team 20% lock-up period of 36 months
  • Community Building 10%
  • Foundation 10%

Contribution value mining 46.9%. Community contribution value mining is completed in 6 years, with an annual ratio of 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

a. Staking game NFT to obtain equivalent contribution value

b. Pledge platform currency NGW and game currency NGC to obtain contribution value

c. Pledge mainstream currency assets to obtain contribution value

d. The recommended user will get 30% of the total of the first three contribution values of the referee

The platform obtains the contribution value of all accounts through real-time scanning, and calculates the current income of each account according to the weighted average method, and enters the account in real time.

How to participate

1) Launch Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) app, switch to Polygon,

2) Tap Browser, enter “ninja’s world” in the search field, then tap the desired search result;

3) Browse DApp details and tap Confirm to access the DApp home page, where you can explore all kinds of its features;

4)After entering the Dapp homepage, click [play game], after loading the game page, click [connect] again to link the wallet;

5)Pay attention to the third-party security tips below, and then click [Confirm] to start the game and set up your game account.

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