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March Monthly Report | $300 Million Valuation with 10 Million+ Global Users

March is a month of blooming flowers and new beginnings, making it a perfect time for a fresh start. BitKeep released two new product versions, V7.3.1 and V7.3.2, in March and held two popular public chain ecosystem month activities for Arbitrum and Sui. More importantly, BitKeep received a $30 million investment from Bitget, bringing its valuation to $300 million. This investment will help BitKeep build a complete Web3.0 ecosystem, connecting DeFi and CeFi, and continually improving the stability and security of its products.

Therefore, March was a warm and powerful month for BitKeep. Here are the key events we accomplished in March:

Product Updates
  • V7.3.1 and V7.3.2 updates
  • Watch Wallet added to track balance & transactions of specific addresses without importing private keys
  • Keystone hardware wallet is now supported as an offline solution for wallet asset management
  • Added 11 new NFT collections and 540 new high-quality tokens; Connected 80 high-quality DApps
  • Added Optimism and Conflux eSpace
  • InstantGas Swap now supports Arbitrum and Optimism
Ecosystem News
  • $ARBK (Arbitrum Futures Token) Airdrop launched as part of the Arbitrum Argonaut campaign, allowing holders to swap official tokens
  • $SUIBG (SUI Futures Token) Airdrop is jointly launched by Bitget and BitKeep, allowing holders to swap official tokens
  • $ARBK, BitKeep’s exclusive futures token, ranks 1st on Arbitrum with 708K transactions and 150K holding addresses
  • $SUIBG’s single-day transaction volume surpasses 130K, ranking among the top two for interaction popularity
  • A total of 11 airdrops, 2 AMAs, and 1 trading competition in March
  • Total rewards of 116,500 USDT and 1,120 WL

The “Delving into zkEVM with Polygon and BitKeep” AMA received enthusiastic responses. Twitter impressions reached 760k+ and more than 3,900 attendees, breaking the record for attendees in all previous BitKeep AMAs!

The guests of honor who participated in the AMA included: Polygon zkEVM & Polygon ID co-founder, Aavegotchi COO, Quickswap co-founder, Cointelegraph BD, and COO of BitKeep.

Additionally, there is some good news that we would like to share with you. BitKeep Wallet is listed as one of the recommended wallets by DappRadar, with support for connecting it to interact with DappRadar. In the future, we will cooperate with more Web3 information providers and data analysis platforms to provide everyone with a wider range of connectivity options.

In terms of global media cooperation, BitKeep has gained exclusive coverage from the world’s top three blockchain media (Coindesk, Cointelegraph, The Block) and established long-term deep cooperation relationships. You will learn more about our recent developments through more channels and platforms.

Lastly, April will be an exciting month for us. We will announce a lot of heavyweight news and interesting activities one after another. See you guys in April! 👀

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