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if the transaction fails and the token is still deducted and transferred to the smart contract

When a transfer transaction shows that the transfer failed on BitKeep, it is usually caused by the following three reasons:

1) Out of gas (insufficient gas fee)

2) Bad instruction


If a transfer fails, BitKeep will not deduct your assets, just return to the wallet [Assets] page to check.

It should be noted that the miner fee generated by this transfer will not be refunded. It is not that BitKeep has “encroached” on your miner fee, but because the transaction has been packaged by the miner, the miner fee has been collected by the miner.

What should I do if the smart contract is transferred?

A smart contract consists of an address and the code stored corresponding to that address. For example, sending an ERC20 Token on Ethereum essentially creates a Token smart contract. The code of the smart contract determines all the contents of the Token in this address.

Since the smart contract does not have a private key, once it is transferred to the contract address, it may not be possible to transfer it out again. (Some contracts have reserved codes that can transfer Tokens, and some people believe that this is a “back door” deliberately left by the anonymous project party, and there are hidden dangers.)

Therefore, when transferring or withdrawing Token from the exchange, do not directly transfer to the contract address of the Token.

Smart contract, what is a wallet address. Or you want to buy a certain Token, thinking that you can receive the Token by depositing coins at the smart contract address announced by the project team. The former needs to make up for it through our wallet academy, and the latter needs to ask himself: Am I really suitable for playing cryptocurrencies?

The transfer address is wrong, how do I return my coins

Since BitKeep is a decentralized wallet, after the user fills in the wrong transfer address, if the transaction has been successfully uploaded, BitKeep will not be able to assist in retrieving it.

In view of the immutable nature of blockchain transactions, it is recommended that you check whether the receiving address is correct several times when transferring money. In addition, Bitkeep will also provide an address book function to help users optimize the transfer experience.

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