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How to Verify the Authenticity of Bitget Wallet iOS App?

Due to the stingent review processes of the Apple App Store, the risk of downloading a counterfeit file containing malicious software is fairly low. However, there may still be risks present, such as knockoff or imitation apps that carry the Bitget Wallet name and logo, which can deceive users into believing in its authenticity if they are not careful. Downloading such counterfeit applications may lead to complete asset loss if the user’s private keys or mnemonic phrases are stolen by these sham platforms.

In this quick guide, we will be delving into the steps in which you can take to discern if an app on the App Store is genuine.

Step 1: Log in to the App Store and enter “Bitget Wallet” in the search bar at the top. You may be required to change your app store region if Bitget Wallet is not available in your region.

Step 2: Click on the recommended search result to access the app’s information page, and scroll down to check if the developer is “BitKeep Global Inc.”

It is strongly recommended that you verify that the app developer is “BitKeep Global Inc.” before downloading. This is the official Bitget Wallet app developer.

If the developer name does not match, the app is not official and is likely to be a counterfeit app. Please refrain from interacting with it, such as downloading, to avoid the risk of unwarranted mnemonic phrase / private key exposure.

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