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How to transfer/receive tokens with Bitget Wallet?

1) To receive: Open Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet, tap, for example, Matic to access the token detail page and then tap “Receive Money”;

Copy the address (pay attention to the selected public chain) and send it to whoever is going to transfer tokens to you;


You can always tap the QR code icon to receive a payment;


2) To transfer: After adding the token to transfer in your list, go to the token detail page (taking Matic as an example), tap Transfer;

Fill in “Receiving Address” and “Transfer Amount”, then tap “Confirm”. After that, enter your wallet password;

The transfer requires block validation. Therefore, you need to check the blockchain explorer to see if the transfer is completed.


Or you can tap the transfer icon on the landing page to go to the “Transfer” page.


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