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How to transfer and place orders for my NFT

1) Click on the NFT you want to transfer, enter the details page and click [Send], enter the receiving address, and click [Cpnfirm] to confirm the gas fee to complete the sending.

2)Select the NFT you want to sell with the pending order, click [Sell], fill in the pending order price, click [Next stop], select the time range of the pending order, click [Next stop], and click [Confirm] again to complete the pending order.

Risks to be aware of when trading NFTs

BitKeep reminds everyone to be careful of NFT airdrops that suddenly appear in the wallet. The scammers may plant scams in their contracts. When the user interacts with the contract deployed by the scammer, the scammer can transfer the user’s assets. Other scammers plant scam websites in hidden links in NFTs.

So it is recommended that you do not click on any suspicious links, this is the most common way people get scammed;

Secondly, keep the private key and mnemonic phrase, do not share your computer screen, and do the most basic security protection measures;

Third, don’t touch the “airdrops” that appear inexplicably in the wallet, no one knows whether it is a spree or a cannonball, so what we need to do is to stay away from them as much as possible, no matter which chain they are on, ERC- 20 tokens are still NFTs.

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