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How to Trade NFTs with BitKeep

BitKeep NFT Market, as an aggregated NFT marketplace, is meant to facilitate the collection and display of various artworks, as well as provide global creators and collectors with the ultimate NFT trading platform. BitKeep NFT Market not only changes the traditional e-commence approach, but also redefines the NFT landscape through the aggregation of multi-chain NFT marketplaces.

How to Buy NFTs on BitKeep NFT Market?

(Let’s take Bored Ape Yacht Club for example)

1) In the landing page of BitKeep app, tap Market to go to NFT Market, and you can see that there are many NFTs. If you decide to buy any one of them, just tap the icon to enter the Details page. Or, you can tap the search icon in the upper right corner and input the NFT name or contract address to search for it;

2) After finding the target NFT, enter the NFT-specific page. You can see key data such as the number of releases/holders/floor price/total transaction amount. You can also sort by listing time and price. Plus, you can filter NFTs by setting a price range or other filters.

3) Select the NFT you want to buy, tap to enter the Details page and tap Buy. Unlike other NFT platforms, with BitKeep, you can buy the NFT of your choice with any token on the same chain. Just tap the arrow on the right in the “Amount to be paid” field, you can switch to another token. After that, tap Next.

4) After entering the wallet password, wait for the transaction confirmation. After that, tap View Order to browse transaction details. You can also go to the blockchain browser to check out this transaction.

How to Sell NFTs on BitKeep NFT Market?

(Let’s take PancakeBunnies as an example)

1) On the BitKeep landing page, tap NFTs and select the NFT you want to sell, and tap Sell;

2) Set your selling price, and tap Next. Now set the end time of this order, and tap Next;

3) Confirm your selling order, input your wallet password. When the NFT is sold, you’ll be informed and you can tap My Order on the upper right corner of NFT Market page to view the details of this selling order.

If you have any problems during operation, please contact BitKeep customer service for assistance.

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