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How to trade KCS (KCC) in BitKeep Wallet?

Method 1

1) Tap the plus sign to add the token: search for KCS or enter its smart contract address and enter your password to add it to your list;

2) In the KCS detail page, choose “Swap” to go to Swap, select the token pair and enter an amount;

3) Now tap Confirm and enter your password.If you want to check out the transaction record, just return to the Swap page, and tap the History icon.

Method 2

1) In the BitKeep Swap interface, choose the token pair;

2) In the search bar, enter KSC (make sure to choose the one on KCC);

3) Enter the amount, then tap Confirm and enter your password.BitKeep Swap will automatically find the optimal cross-chain payment channel for you.

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