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How to trade (buy/sell)?

  1. How to buy coins through Swap
    1) The user opens the BitKeep wallet, switches the main chain wallet to be traded, and then clicks [Swap];
    The Swap page displays the current currency market, and users can choose different currency categories. If the target transaction currency is not displayed on the page, click the search icon in the upper right corner to search for the target currency.
    Here is an example of DOGE, click [DOGE] to enter the currency market page (Figure 2), click [Buy] to enter the transaction page, users should pay attention to whether the main chain of the two currencies in the transaction is the same main chain, otherwise the transaction cannot be matched ;

2) Enter the total amount of any one of the currencies, and the system will automatically display the total amount of the exchanged currency. Pay attention to the details such as slippage and transaction fee at the bottom of the page. The slippage can be modified after clicking, and then click [Confirm] ];
The pop-up window will display the total amount of the transaction currency and the current transaction fee. The user needs to check the information again. If there is no problem, click [Next] and enter the 6-digit password of the wallet. At this time, the transaction has been generated, click [Confirm].

3) After the transaction is successful, you can view it in the history record (Figure 1), click to enter the order details, and you can view the detailed information of the transaction. If you want to check the on-chain status of the transaction, you can click [Block Browser] to view it. If [Success] is displayed, the on-chain transaction is successful.
Back to the wallet home page, the user can check that the currency just traded has been automatically added. (If the transaction fails or other failures, users can contact BitKeep’s official mailbox at the bottom of the order result page to report the problems encountered.

2.How to sell tokens through Swap

1) The user selects the wallet and main chain to conduct the transaction, and clicks the currency of the transaction. Here is still DOGE as an example;
Enter the transaction currency details page, click [Swap] to jump to the Swap page;
2) Select the currency after the sale, click BNB to switch other currencies of the main chain, then enter the amount of the transaction currency, click [Confirm], pay attention to the miner fee and other information below, which is the same as the purchase currency above. Like this tutorial, you can set the size of the slippage.

3) Check the transaction information and miner fee again, click [Next], enter the 6-digit wallet password to complete the sale, and then check the history of the order and the blockchain browser and the tutorial for “buy currency” the same, and will not be repeated here.

Start your first trade with BitKeepSwap.

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