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How to set gas fee?

1) In the BitKeep wallet, select the token you want to trade and proceed to the token detail page, then tap “Transfer” (taking HT as an example);

2) Fill in “Receiving Address”, “Amount”, and “Memo”, then tap “Confirm”; Note: If you are transferring to a centralized wallet (an exchange), a Memo is required.


3) In the signature information page, set gas fee at “Gas Fee”. Tap “Conform” after completing the settings.

Common reasons for a failed transfer
  • Insufficient gas fee (there is not enough gas fee to complete a transaction)
  • The gas fee is set too low (the gas fee is set lower than average, and the block has not validate the transaction for a long time, resulting in failure)
  • Node errors (because the node you are using reports error, block delays, etc., the transaction cannot be validated by the network, resulting in transfer failure)
  • Token contract problems (the compiler does not meet the standards or logical loopholes are found in the token contract)

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