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How to participate Launchpad events?

What is Launchpad?

The BitKeep Launchpad section is divided into the BitKeep Projects and the Aggregation Platform. It brings opportunities for BitKeep users to participate in promising projects in their early stages. As the first decentralized crypto wallet to introduce a Launchpad section, BitKeep has brought users a number of high-quality projects, including HeroBook, CST_X_CoinButler, Anonverse, MyTrade, and AFKDAO.

To participate Launchpad events

You can find LaunchPad along with Quotes, Swap, and Bridge under the Swap section of BitKeep Wallet App. Don’t forget to update the App to the latest version, and set the language as you like.

1) Launch BitKeep App, select Discover, tap Settings, then tap “Language” to switch the language as you like, as shown in the following figure:

2) Tap Swap in the landing page, then tap Launchpad. On the Launchpad page, you can see there’re “Active Offers”, “Upcoming Offers” and “Past Offers”. Under Active Offers, learn about the project and read the risk warning, then tap “Confirm” to participate in the event.

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