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How to Download BitKeep Wallet

IOS version

Scan the code to download and install the latest version of the BitKeep wallet APP

1) Scan and download the QR code, click [Download from App Store], jump to the App Store and click [GET];

Create wallet/import wallet

Users who already have an crypto wallet can import the previously generated wallet into BitKeep through the private key or mnemonic phrase, and users who have never created a wallet can follow the steps below to create it.

1. Create a wallet

1) After downloading the BitKeep APP, open the BitKeep wallet, click [New Wallet], read the tips about the mnemonic phrase, and click [Generate];

The user can choose to back up the mnemonic phrase on the current page, or back it up later. Here, we will show you the creation process of the backup later. Click [Later] and enter the 6-digit password;

2) As a multi-chain wallet, BitKeep selects some mainstream public chains by default for the convenience of users when creating a wallet. If there are unnecessary public chains, or more public chains to be added, users can manually search on this page and select, click [Confirm] after completing the selection of the public chain, and click [OK] after the creation is successful.

3) After the successful creation, you will be reminded to back up the mnemonic again. Click [Backup Now], after copying the mnemonic, follow the prompts to complete the backup and start exploring the functions of BitKeep.

2. Import wallet

The private key or mnemonic of the wallet needs to be used in the process of importing the wallet. Do not copy it directly to the clipboard to prevent it from being leaked. It is recommended to directly copy it offline and enter it manually.

1) Open the BitKeep wallet, select [Inport Wallet], enter the existing mnemonic or private key, click [Confirm], and select the mainnets to import into the wallet.

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