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How to Download and Use the BitKeep Chrome extension

BitKeep has launched a Chrome extension, which can be used to access various Web 3.0 applications through the Chrome browser. At present, we support all DApps on ETH, Terra, Solana, TRON, IOST, AR, etc. Welcome to experience the extension.

How to Install and Set up BitKeep Chrome extension

1) Go to BitKeep website: https://bitkeep.com/, a pop-up window prompts you to download Bitkeep, click Use It Now;

If there is no pop-up, you can click Download in the upper right corner, switch to Chrome Extension, and click Chrome Web Store to download the extension;

2) Click Add to Chrome to initiate installment;

3) Click the Extension icon in the upper right corner;

Find BitKeep in the extension list, click the Pin icon on the right, to pin the extension to the browser toolbar so that it’s convenient to access.

Import a wallet

1) Click the BitKeep icon in the upper right corner of Chrome, a pane pops up. Click Import A Wallet to import an existing wallet (or you can recreate a new wallet);

2) Input your private key or mnemonics in the box, click Confirm, and select a mainnet;

3) Set the password, click Confirm to complete the import. You can click All in the upper left corner to add a mainnet or switch mainnet; if you want to change settings, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner, where you can change the currency unit, language, etc.; you can also report any issue you have here.

Connect wallet to access DApps

You can access different DApps with BitKeep Chrome Extension. Let’s take PancakeSwap for example:

1) Go to the PancakeSwap website, click Connect Wallet in the upper right corner, and click the BitKeep icon in the pop-up window;

2) Click Connect in the pop-up window. After the connection succeeds, you can see the connected wallet address displayed in the upper right corner of the DApp;

Now you can use the BitKeep Chrome extension to experience various functions in the Dapp.

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