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How to create a Polygon wallet in BitKeep?

1)Open the BitKeep wallet and select either the [12-word version] or [24-word version] when creating or importing a wallet. Then, set a password or enable face recognition, and tap [OK];

2) Tap [All Mainnnets] in the upper right corner to switch to [Polygon].

3) After doing so, you will be able to use Polygon immediately. We suggest you create a mnemonics backup before transferring significant amounts of funds.

4) Tap [Back up] in the upper right corner and then [Back up Mnemonics]. Once the backup process is complete, the wallet homepage will automatically appear.

It’s crucial to keep the mnemonics safe, and we recommend you copy them into a paper notebook. Please note that BitKeep doesn’t save your mnemonics on our server. If you lose your mnemonics, you won’t be able to retrieve your assets, and we won’t be able to help you recover your wallet.

Start the journey of exploring Polygon with BitKeep now!

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