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How to create a cloud wallet?

To begin with, what’s a cloud wallet?

As the name suggests, it’s a kind of hot wallet that can be used only when connected to the Internet.

With a cloud wallet, you can check your assets with any computer or mobile device at any time and from any location. It’s very convenient. But it requires to store your private keys online and they are controlled by a third party, which increases its risk of being attacked and stolen.

But in BitKeep wallet, the Cloud Wallet is mainly used to give out BKB rewards to users. BKB can not be sold in the market like other cryptocurrencies now and will not bring assets loss caused by theft. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

How to activate:

1) In BitKeep landing page, tap “Discover”, and select “Cloud Wallet”;

2) Tap “Activate Now” and enter your wallet password.


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