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How to connect DApp to BitKeep wallet?

1) In the “DApp” page of the wallet, find the DApp you wanto to connect the wallet to by name or by locating it under a specific mainnet. Now let’s take “UniSwap” as an example;

2) Tap BabySwap and there will be a pop-up pane. It shows details of the DApp, such as the smart contract address, and risk warning of using the DApp. Please check the information and read the notice carefully before tapping “Confirm”.

3) In the UniSwap page, tap “Connect” in the upper right corner and choose “BitKeep” to connect. Then go back to the UniSwap page, if your BitKeep wallet address is shown in spot showed “Connect” before, then you have successfully connected your wallet to the DApp.


The “Connect Wallet” button of a DApp is usually located in the upper right corner of the DApp’s home page. It may be displayed as “Connect” or other icons. After tapping the DApp, sometimes you may enter some kind of a product introduction page to make the operation. In this case, you need to follow the instructions on the page to jump to the DApp page and then connect BitKeep wallet in the way introduced above.

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