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How to add tokens/NFTs

Add Token

Open the BitKeep wallet and select the icon of [Search] or [Add] to enter the page for searching for coins;

After entering the currency abbreviation (eg: avax) in the search bar, check the main chain you want to add.


1)Click [Add a NFT], select the main network to which you want to add the NFT project, here is an example of BAYC of the ETH main network, check the project, and enter the wallet password;

2)After the selection is successful, you can jump to the homepage to view the added NFT. If you already hold the NFT of the project, the specific NFT picture will be displayed. Click to jump to the project details page, displaying data such as floor price;

If you need to delete the added NFT, long press the name of the NFT and click [Yes] in the pop-up window to delete it.

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