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How do I view the NFTs I have received

Whether you received an airdropped NFT, or an NFT gifted to you by a friend, you need to manually add it to your wallet after receiving it.

1)Open the homepage of BitKeep wallet, click [Discover] to view the NFT receiving message, and click [Add] to add the NFT;

2)Click [Add now], enter the password, and after the addition is successful, go back to the home page to view the received NFT.

3)The second method of adding, click [+], search for the name of the NFT project or find the target NFT project by selecting the main chain, and click the check to add it successfully; return to the wallet home page to see the added NFT project and the number of NFT projects held.

Share my NFT

1)Open the NFT you want to share, click the [Forward] icon in the upper right corner, you can click [Save] to save the generated shared image, and then publish it in other communities or social platforms.

View NFTs held in this project

1)Open the NFT project homepage, click the [Filter] symbol on the right, select [Mine] in the pop-up window, and click [Apply] to view.

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