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How Dapps Link to Wallets

1) Open the wallet [Discovery] page, click [Ranking] or the main chain you want to find, and select the target Dapp. Here, the first application [Babyswap] in the ranking is used as an example;
2) When you click to enter the Dapp, a page will pop up, which mainly introduces the Dapp’s contract address and other information, which is convenient for users to check whether it belongs to the target Dapp, as well as the safety tips for the use of the Dapp. Novice users should read and understand carefully, and then click [Confirm];
3) After entering the Dapp homepage, click [Connect] in the upper right corner, click [Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep))] on the pop-up wallet selection page to connect, go back to the Dapp homepage, [Connect] is displayed as your wallet address, which means the connection is successful.

Generally, the connected wallets of Dapps are in the upper right corner of the homepage, which may not be displayed as [Connect], but may be other Icon styles. Users can find [Connect] after clicking; some Dapp applications are displayed as the homepage of similar product introductions after entering, and need to be clicked again. The prompt button on the page enters the Dapp home page, and then performs the above steps to connect the wallet.

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