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Gravis Finance (GRVS) [Defi&NFT&Gamefi]

Introducing Gravis Finance

Gravis Finance is a unique multi-chain ecosystem that combines traditional DeFi applications with Gmart (an NFT marketplace for gaming assets) and Evervoid (a P2E NFT strategy game built into the Gravis Finance universe). Gravis Finance aims to provide users with the ultimate comfort and profitability by providing all the necessary tools to manage crypto assets on any chain.

Project Features: The Gravis Finance ecosystem consists of 3 main parts: Evervoid, Gswap and Gmart.

  1. Evervoid — a revolutionary game coming to mobile in 2022 with a balanced economy, advanced graphics and unique features of the ecosystem.
  2. Gmart——The first NFT game asset market, “STEAM” on the blockchain. Buy and sell your favorite NFT assets in any game on any blockchain. The web version will be available on mobile in 2022 and is live now.
  3. Gswap — A multi-chain AMM DEX that combines powerful features with a simple interface and advanced DeFi features: one-click migration of liquidity from other exchanges, Staking, Yield Farming, Auto-farming, and more. By using a multi-chain bridge, you can quickly transfer assets from one blockchain network to another. We use our own blockchain nodes to process transactions and orders quickly. Now on BNB, Polygon and Heco, coming soon on Solana, Polkadot, Avalanche and Near.

GRVS is the platform’s native governance token. GRVS holders are part of the Gravis Finance decentralized organization and can help shape the development of the platform – for example deciding how to use inventory funds or how to distribute ecosystem funds. Additionally, GRVS can be used to purchase premium in-game items such as unique ship skins, elite gear, and even the asteroid – Evervoid land.

It also saves on commissions; a feature is currently being added to reduce commissions when transacting with Gmart. In addition to this, users have the opportunity to trade with zero commissions on Gswap. Of course, as the total commission decreases, Gswap becomes more and more attractive to users, resulting in greater profits.

Token Supply and Distribution


Total Supply:150,000,000 GRVS




Liquidity Supply and Airdrop:15%

Strategic Investors and Advisors:10%

Token Sale:8.7%

How to participate

1) Launch Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) app, switch to Polygon,

2) Tap Browser, enter “Gravis Finance” in the search field, then tap the desired search result;

3) Browse DApp details and tap Confirm to access the DApp home page, where you can explore all kinds of its features;

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