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GameFi Getting Started Guide

There are currently thousands of blockchain games in the market, and the mechanics of these games are also different. Players must be carefully screened to avoid falling into the trap of scam projects and fake websites. Downloading games from websites or connecting wallets at will is a security risk.

The ideal operation is to create a dedicated cryptocurrency wallet and invest within the personal affordability. If you are sure that the game is safe and secure, you can join the game in the following ways.

1.Create a cryptocurrency wallet

To participate in GameFi games, you need a compatible cryptocurrency wallet (such as Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)), which supports accessing the Gamefi web version to connect to the wallet plugin and the wallet in-app connection). In different games, you may need to use different wallets or connect to different blockchain networks.

For example, you need to connect Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) to the main network corresponding to the game first, in order to participate in the blockchain game on the chain. In the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) Dapp browser, it is possible to connect to the Dapp after switching the main chain, so users do not need to check the main network supported by the game before connecting and accessing, which is more convenient.

Users can also link cryptocurrency wallets to the Ethereum blockchain to participate in most games running on the Ethereum network. However, the developers of games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained create their own wallets for their games to cut costs and improve performance.

While Axie Infinity is built on Ethereum, its team developed a sidechain, the Ronin Network. Therefore, you need to use the official Ronin wallet in order to interact with the Axie Infinity ecosystem. The Ronin Network sidechain significantly reduces the cost of trading and breeding Axie and the cost of gaming for Axie Infinity players.

Before participating in blockchain games, you need to associate your wallet with the game. When linking, it is necessary to carefully identify the official game website and fake and counterfeit websites. Visit the game’s website and find the option to link a cryptocurrency wallet.

Traditional online games require setting up a username and password, but most blockchain games use cryptocurrency wallets as game accounts, so players need to sign a message in the wallet to associate it with the game.

3.View Game Requirements

Most GameFi projects require the purchase of crypto tokens or in-game NFTs to participate. Each game has different requirements, but it’s important to understand the revenue potential and overall risk before joining, and estimate how long it will take to earn back your initial investment and start making money.

To join Axie Infinity, you need to pre-deposit 3 Axies in your game wallet. Visit the Axie Marketplace to purchase Axie with wrapped Ether (WETH) in your Ronin wallet. You can first buy ether from a decentralized exchange such as Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) Swap and transfer it to your Ronin wallet using the Ronin bridge.

If you don’t have enough funds or are unwilling to take risks, you can consider looking for a sponsorship program to participate in the game by borrowing NFTs, but the earnings earned must be shared with the NFT owners.

Gamefi Tutorial

Here we take Axie Infinity as an example to demonstrate how to use Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet to enter Gamefi games.

1)Open the wallet home page, there is no need to switch the main network here; click [Browser] to enter the Dapp browser;

Enter [Axie] in the search box and click the correct search result;

2)Check the mainnet supported by Gamefi, some Gamefi projects support multiple mainnets, you can choose here, Axie currently only supports the ETH mainnet, so there is no need to switch, just click [Confirm];

After entering the game homepage, you can view the homepage about the game’s gameplay/mechanism, etc. The top of the page indicates the different gameplay pages of the game, you can check the relevant game tutorials before you experience it;

Be aware of the risks of Gamefi
  1. High profit and high risk: At present, there are a large number of GameFis with pyramid-style fraud models on the market. These GameFis have no gameplay at all, and they seem to be high-profit, but they are also high-risk.
  2. The production is not good enough: If you don’t even want to make a game seriously, it’s just a GameFi skin. Such a project is prone to runaway projects.
  3. Remember to pay back the profit in the early stage: if you make a profit in Gamefi, you can try to put forward the original investment cost first. If you think it is too easy to make money, you may suddenly collapse until the end, and everything will be empty and happy.
  4. The investment should not be too large: Do not be influenced by the FOMO advocacy of social channels. Because the risk is high, you must first control the amount of funds to avoid excessive losses.

At present, GameFi is still in the early chaotic period, but the future development of GameFi is still full of hope, because more and more works with real gameplay have appeared one after another, such as FPS shooting, tower defense, MMOPRG, MOBA multiplayer online tactical competition There are still many 3A works to appear next year, which will make the market move in a good direction.

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