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Gains Network (GNS) [Derivatives]

Gains Network is a comprehensive DeFi ecosystem operating on Polygon and Arbitrum. Its decentralized trading platform, gTrade, supports a diverse range of financial products, including cryptocurrencies, forex, stocks, commodities, and indices.

For those looking to expand beyond trading cryptocurrencies or exploring the Arbitrum ecosystem, gTrade is a must-try decentralized application (DApp).

About Gains Network

Gains Network is a decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem that operates on both Polygon and Arbitrum, offering a variety of DApps. Among these DApps, gTrade is one of the most prominent, serving as a decentralized leveraged trading platform for crypto and non-crypto trades.

As a synthetic leveraged trading platform, gTrade offers synthetically traded assets without borrowing the underlying assets, making it distinct from typical trading platforms. This unique approach eliminates the need for order books or liquidity pools for each pair, which improves capital efficiency and mitigates common issues such as slippage, price impact, and impermanent loss. In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, gTrade enables trading in real-world stocks, indices, foreign exchange, and commodities.


Gains Network’s flagship DApp, gTrade, is a decentralized leveraged trading platform that uses synthetic architecture for liquidity-efficient trading without requiring borrowing of actual underlying assets. This increases capital efficiency and avoids issues such as slippage, price impact, and impermanent loss. Users have full custody of their assets, and trading is available for commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and forex. gTrade offers competitive fees and up to 150x leverage for cryptocurrencies and up to 1,000x for forex. Additionally, gTrade offers high leverage without funding fees, meaning traders can keep their profits.

Besides, Gains Network also supports one-click trading (1CT) after creating a 1CT wallet on gTrade and approving it as a delegate through gTrade smart contracts, which allows trades to be executed on behalf of the user without requiring confirmation from their wallet. This streamlines the trading process and reduces the time needed to execute trades.

Gains Network uses a gDAI vault to serve as a conduit for trading activities, where traders who win receive their winnings from the vault, and traders who lose send their losses to the vault. A portion of the trading fees for these transactions is stored in the vault, and users can stake their DAI tokens in this vault to become liquidity providers. By staking DAI tokens in the gDAI vault, users receive gDAI tokens as a representation of the DAI tokens that they staked and are rewarded with a share of the trading fees, incentivizing them to continue staking their tokens in the vault. When users choose to withdraw their DAI tokens, the gDAI tokens are burned.


The Gains Network ecosystem is centered around two utility tokens, the ERC-20 GNS token and the ERC-721 non-fungible token (NFT). These tokens are intended to be actively utilized within the platform. Staking of GNS is presently only available on Polygon, and stakers are given a portion of trading commissions and will eventually manage the protocol via decentralized governance. The earnings are derived from trading commissions and liquidations rather than liquidity mining or Gains Network inflating the GNS utility token. Meanwhile, Arbitrum users can stake DAI instead of GNS to receive fees from each trade executed on the platform in exchange for acting as the counterparty to all trades.

Regarding NFTs, Gains Network initially issued 1,500 NFTs, which were divided into five tiers, ranging from Bronze (most common) to Diamond (rarest). While all NFT holders have access to unique benefits, the exclusivity of the benefits varies depending on the tier of the NFT. For example, all GNS NFT holders can enjoy a reduced spread when trading, but the extent of the reduction varies based on the tier of the NFT held. Diamond NFT holders can receive a 35% reduction, while Bronze NFT holders only receive a 15% reduction. A noteworthy advantage of possessing GNS NFTs is that users can receive a greater share of rewards when staking GNS tokens on Polygon.

How to Use gTrade?

1. Launch the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet and switch to the Arbitrum network. Then, click on [DApp] and search for [Gains Network].

2. Review the details of the DApp and click on [Confirm] to enter gTrade.

3. All gTrade features are available from the menu bar on the right. You can trade various cryptocurrency trading pairs by selecting [Trade] or earn passive income by staking DAI in [Vault].

4. Additionally, you can engage in OTC transactions on gTrade through [OTC] or stake GNS via [Staking].

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