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Frequently Asked Questions about BitKeepSwap

How to cancel a pending transaction?

At present, the function of canceling the transaction has not been launched, so the transaction cannot be canceled after the occurrence. If the user wants to exchange the original currency, he will need to spend a transaction fee for the transaction again. For example, user A buys 100 CAKEs with 1 BNB. If the user wants to exchange 1 BNB, he needs to use Swap again to trade. Subsequent products may add the function of “cancel unlisted transactions”. You can pay attention to the update news of the APP version.

The exchange fails, and the reminder is that the token is insufficient. What should I do?

When the user’s wallet token balance is insufficient, this prompt will appear. It is recommended to check whether the wallet is switched correctly and the balance of the token, and then recharge before trading.

Why is the currency price displayed in the wallet inconsistent with the exchange price of Swap?

It is normal for the price of the currency in the package to be inconsistent with the exchange price. The exchange price displayed by Swap shall prevail during the transaction.

Why is there a big gap between the estimated miner fee and the actual miner fee paid?

The estimated miner fee is based on the miner fee of the mainnet currency of the mainnet, but when the user actually trades in a non-mainnet currency, the smart contracts involved in the two transactions are different. The miner fee is usually higher.

For example, on the ETH mainnet, the transaction fee for ETH is lower than other tokens issued based on the ETH public chain. When users trade, please refer to the real-time miner fee on the order page.

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