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Five popular projects in the zkSync ecosystem

1.ZigZag:DEX with order books

ZigZag is a native, easy-to-use, reliable and fully secured decentralized exchange with low fees based on ZK Rollups.

Zero-Knowledge Rollups: ZigZag is built on ZK Rollups and focuses entirely on zero-knowledge technologies. These ZK Rollups will bundle transactions on L2, enabling faster transaction speeds and negligible fees, while freeing up space on the mainnet.

Decentralized order book: In a highly liquid market, ZigZag chooses an order book compared to the mode of AMM. In addition, ZigZag’s order book is decentralized, allowing users to trade instantly without registration while gaining control over their funds.

Unlimited Liquidity: Backed by top market makers in the crypto world, ZigZag provides unlimited liquidity. ZigZag guarantees liquidity to be sufficient for any trader with minimal slippage and fees.

2.SynFutures Protocol:a decentralized derivatives protocol

SynFutures is a decentralized synthetic derivatives platform that allows free addition and free trading of various digital asset derivatives and token pairs with a single token. In addition, the SynFutures team also launched the Closed Alpha version of the platform in June this year, going live on the Ethereum mainnet and Polygon.

Simply put, SynFutures is the “Uniswap of futures contracts”: users can easily list their futures contracts (which support any trading pair) with just a few clicks, and can buy the preferred derivatives in a permission-free contract.

3.Orbiter Finance:a cross-chain bridge

Orbiter Finance is a decentralized cross-aggregation layer 2 bridge with contracts only on the destination side. It supports transfers between zkSync and Arbitrum with low cost and instant processing. Users can transfer assets from Ethereum mainnet, Polygon and Arbitrum at low cost.


According to the security level of Rollup, the potential risk of L1 cross-bridge is eliminated on Orbiter.

There is no need for the senders to interact with the contract addresses.

Ethereum native assets don’t need to mint new assets and are able to support liquidity with decentralized methods.

4.Via Protocol:a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol

Via Protocol is a cross-chain liquidity aggregation protocol with two main products: a cross-chain liquidity aggregator and a cross-chain settlement system.

The cross-chain liquidity aggregator is its core function, with its intelligent routing system, it can automatically scan 40 DEXs across 13 networks and 11 mainstream cross-chain bridges in order to let users seamlessly trade tokens on the fastest and cheapest routes.

Additionally, the Via Protocol aggregator allows users to route orders to all available liquidity sources within 60 seconds by using liquidity from the protocol execution pool in the target chain. Furthermore, Via Protocol’s smart contracts can find the highest APY across multiple chains, and automatically move assets on that chain, allowing users to mine with the highest APY aggregation protocol on multiple chains to get the best return.

5.DeBridge:a cross-chain liquidity aggreation protocol

A cross-chain interoperability and liquidity transfer protocol that allows for the truly decentralized transfer of data and assets between various blockchains. The cross-chain interoperability of deBridge smart contracts is powered by an independent oracle/validator network elected by deBridge governance.

The protocol enables asset transfers between various blockchains by locking/unlocking assets on the local chain and issuing/destroying packaged assets (deAsset) on secondary chains or L2. Cross-chain communication between different blockchains is maintained by elected validators running deBridge nodes to perform verification of cross-chain transactions between smart contracts of the deBridge protocol on different blockchains.

In addition, more than 90 projects that support zkSync ecosystem are providing services to users and we are not going to list all of them here. Currently, these applications are not available in Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) DApp market and they might be activated in the future with an all-around zkSync ecosystem.

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