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Five popular projects in the Boba Network ecosystem


OolongSwap is the liquidity center of Boba Network and the first native AMM in the ecosystem. In most DEXs, users are charged with some transaction fees by default when exchanging tokens, and these transaction fees are then distributed proportionally to liquidity providers. But OolongSwap has introduced dynamic pairing fees, which adjust the fees charged for different token pairs (which can be as low as 0.01% or as high as 1%), depending on the risk level of the token.

How to use it with Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)):

1)Search Oolong Swap in the DApp market and select Boba network, choose Swap after accessing the DApp page;

2)Select tokens and the amount to swap; you can use functions like Fram and Staking after returning to the landing page.

2.Gin Finance:DEX(TVL:$0.33m)

Gin Finance is a DeFi solution on BOBA Network, which is an open-source protocol for providing liquidity and trading ERC20 tokens on the network. As a newly launched AMM DEX, Gin Finance aims to create a one-stop platform that combines a variety of DeFi products. With a more aggregated platform, the needs of DeFi users can be met all at once.

3.Outcome Finance:DAO(TVL:$0.31m)

Outcome helps DAOs produce positive results by adopting UMA’s special DAO tools. Outcome is a set of DAO governance and financial tools secured by the UMA optimistic oracle, including success tokens and KPI options. Such kind of instrument is deterministic, optimistically resolved, and trustless.

4.Bodh Finance:loans(TVL:$0.17m)

Bodh Finance is a decentralized lending application that allows users to borrow and earn interest on crypto assets. Investors can earn interest by providing liquidity in the protocol, while borrowers can borrow money from the App by adopting the method of over-collateralization.

5.zencha Finance:stablecoin swap(TVL:$0.08m)

Zencha Finance supports the swap of BAI, USDC and USDT with low slippage. Currently, some of the applications are not available in the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) DApp market and will be activated in the future as Boba Network ecosystem is being perfected.

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