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Fake airdrops and fake app scams

Many DeFi protocols will issue airdrop rewards to interactive users. Users on the chain are used to the existence of airdrops, but some airdrops of unknown origin may empty users’ wallets. The common feature of these tokens is that they are large and eye-catching.

If the user authorizes the contract in the process of trying to sell tokens, it may give the token issuer permission to transfer wallet funds, resulting in the theft of assets.

After the setter succeeds, they often choose to mix the currency on the decentralized exchange and transfer it to other addresses for cashing out.

Victims often struggle to recover their funds after encountering similar scams.

BitKeep reminds that there is no real airdrop activity that requires users to deposit money to an external wallet address to receive it. Everyone should be extremely vigilant about airdrop activities that require you to transfer money to the project party. There is a high probability that it will be such a scam.

Fake App Scams

Case: Xiao A changed his phone to a new phone, and saw that a user in a WeChat group who appeared to be a wallet staff member posted a picture of a quick message with an APP download link. It happened that the wallet had not been downloaded on the new phone, so he scanned the code immediately. Downloaded its APP, entered the private key and imported it into the wallet, but soon found that all the assets of its address were transferred out, with a loss of nearly 20,000 yuan.

Because private keys and mnemonics mean absolute control over wallet assets, many scams are trying to defraud users’ private keys, and counterfeiting official apps is the most common method. Users download, or pay for search engines to rank fake websites, or launch fake APPs with the same name in the Apple/Android official app store, which will highly imitate the official website and picture information. Once the user downloads the APP and imports the mnemonic, Wallet assets will be transferred immediately.

Therefore, when you download wallets and exchange apps, remember to download them from official channels, and carefully check whether the website domain name and other information are correct.

BitKeep V7.0 Security Upgrade

Original DEMS encryption algorithm

4 years of operation with zero safety incidents

Serving 5,000,000 users from around the world

App built-in security measures include:

  • Security center
  • Transfer Tips
  • Currency blacklist
  • Fake contract reminder

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