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Explained: What’s in the Aptos Ecosystem

We talked about lots of pilot projects related to DEX, lending and borrowing in the last article, while the richness of Aptos ecosystems goes far beyond that.

The Aptos ecosystem can be divided into 9 sectors: DeFi, games, infrastructure, Launchpad, NFTs, NFT markets, tools, MeMe, and some infrastructure projects that are equally important to the development of the entire Aptos ecosystem, such as oracles, data indexers, DAO payment tools, etc. You can interact with these projects at your earliest convenience, and you will have a chance to get airdrop rewards if the project issues tokens.

In addition, in order to fully support the development of the Aptos ecosystem and help users enjoy the ecosystem, Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) has been connected to the Aptos mainnet and will launch the [Aptos Ecosystem Zone] on the DApp page. Users can select projects with ease and access links in Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)).

In addition, Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) released a mini-game for the Aptos ecosystem–“Super Aptos”, aiming to help users enjoy the Aptos ecosystem and win rewards.Tap the link to join us:https://blog.bitkeep.com/en/?p=2544


Pontem Networkhttps://pontem.network/

Pontem, a product development studio dedicated to blockchain-powered global financial inclusion, has completed a $4.5 million seed round. It has been developed to cover 3 key verticals: protocols, developer tools and infrastructure. Pontem partners with Aptos to build foundational dApps and other infrastructure that can support their L1 adoption. Meanwhile, interoperability is made available.



A Liquid Staking project on Aptos.


Laminar is the first totally decentralized Spot DEX and will go live on Aptos mainnet. Stay tuned.



Hanson is an automated market maker that deals with transactions on AptosLabs. More details about the project are yet to be released on Twitter.



Dylan and Ian Macalinao, now renamed Protagonist, developers of Solana’s cross-chain stablecoin trading protocol Sabre, are launching their own crypto funds, Ship Capital. The fund has raised at least $33 million, according to its website and regulatory documents. Protagonist will build and invest in crypto companies and protocols that will define the future, and it has invested in the new public chain project Aptos, programmable NFT startup Cardinal, neobank Cogni, decentralized finance platform Delta One.




Imcoding is a metaverse game funded by Aptos Lab and its latest version has gone live. This project has developed rapidly.


Aptos CoinFliphttps://aptoscoinflip.fun/

Investors are able to use APT tokens to join the game and 30 whitelist spots have been released so far. Those who have secured a place are eligible for beta testing.


Aptos Shiba(https://twitter.com/aptoshiba)

Aptos Shiba is the first memecoins and NFT ecosystem with a total supply of 100B SHIA. Its community popularity is mediocre.


Aptos CODM https://twitter.com/AptosCODM

Aptos CODM is a game similar to PUBG and hasn’t gained much attention so far.



Saber Labshttps://saberlabs.org/

Sabre Labs is a community built for the future of decentralization.Divided into two types: DeFi infrastructure protocol and developer tools.


Ownership Labshttps://ownershiplabs.com/

Ownership Labs is a financial platform of ownership that has launched two products:

Dataverse — a Web3 folder system

DataToken — a new intermediary of decentralized data management and trustable off-chain computation



Notifi is a messaging infrastructure for DApps to interact with users in Web3 and is similar to Dialect. It is able to embed notifications and messages into the decentralized applications of developers.

Notifi has raised $2.5 million in seed funding from investors including Hashed and Race Capital. The platform adopts a simple API design, which is easy to integrate and simplifies Web3 messaging. It is able to customize advanced features of DApps and Web3 applications and enables developers to better interact with users through multi-channel communication. Notifi was once built in Solana and NEAR, and is now starting to be built on Aptos.


Dapptos Viewhttps://twitter.com/dapptos

Dapptos View is used for checking projects and data of the Aptos ecosystem and hasn’t gone live yet.



Aptosscan is a blockchain browser for Aptos and this project hasn’t gained much attention. It is mainly used for checking Aptos on-chain data.


Cross-chain interoperability


Wormhole is a cross-chain messaging protocol secured by a network of Guardian nodes. It can be connected to multiple chains including Ethereum, Solana, Terra, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Oasis, Fantom, Karura, Celo, Acala and Aurora.

Through Wormhole, applications on different chains can better coordinate. For instance, the lending protocol on Solana can be easily leveraged by users as an insurance protocol on Ethereum. Wormhole does this through emitting messages from one chain which are observed by a guardian network of nodes. After verification, the message will be submitted to the target chain for processing.

This means that developers building protocols on top of Wormhole are able to handle data, assets and messages from other chains. Aptos mainnet is currently supported by Wormhole.



Mover is the first cross-chain bridge between the EVM network and Aptos. The product is about to be launched and is currently undergoing the final stage of testing. It is officially stated that 100% of the tokens will be allocated to the community while the details and whitelist will be announced soon.



The predecessor of OmniBTC, SOSwap, was built by the ChainX team based on the LayerZero protocol. It is an omnichain DeFi platform that provides token transactions and BTC omnichain lending. It is the first decentralized omnichain financial platform, OmniBTC = OmniSwap + OmniLending + OmniBridge. Aptos mainnet is currently supported by OmniBTC.




OrionLaunch is the first funding platform on Aptos and its latest development hasn’t been updated yet.



Meeiro Launchpad is the largest IDO platform in the Aptos ecosystem and aims to provide services for premium projects. Meerio has already launched its own token MEE.



Thorstarter is a decentralized issuing platform that aims to pool liquidity for crypto assets and has released a token named THOR.


Proton Salehttps://protonsale.io/

Proton Sale is an IDO platform built on Aptos with considerable attention from communities.



Solrise Financehttps://solrise.finance/

Solrise is one of the growing number of projects built on Solana to explore Aptos. It is a decentralized fund management and investment protocol that enables users to access a variety of assets, and choose to invest or create their own funds without sacrificing security and their time.




Oracles are vital components of DeFi infrastructure, enabling smart contracts to interact with real-world data. Switchboard is a community-driven decentralized oracle network that allows anyone to publish on-chain data for developers to build smart contracts. It is built on Solana and is now being laid out on Aptos.




Aptosphere is a data indexer. Developers who want to build a marketplace, wallet or Dapp can search the index of Aptos on-chain activity through the Aptosphere data platform.


DAO payment tools


Paymagic is a payment tool for DAOs and crypto teams. DAO rewards and payments are automatically executed through paying bounties, grants, payroll, and rewards through API.

Paymagic believes that many DAOs have difficulties tracking donations, settling payments on time, and guiding users to carry out multi-signatures. It protects users’ property with Gnosis Safe, customizing an easy-to-use app to send bulk transfers, airdrops, vesting schedules and streamlining payments, etc.


Messaging protocols


Dialect is a protocol for smart messaging. It can be used for in-Dapp notifications, such as notification of a successful deposit, etc. Users can chat with each other through wallets, and Dialect can also be used for emails, text messages, etc. It helps to make sure that messages and notifications are timely delivered and targeted.

Dialect was once built on Solana and provides notifications and messaging for 15+ of the most popular Dapps and wallets. Now it is being built on the Aptos chain.


Predict the market


Hythos can help you predict the market on Aptos and relevant products will be launched soon.



Knoknok Metaversehttps://www.knoknok.io/meta

Knoknok Metaverse is an open platform for Web3 social networks and gaming and has been launched on Aptos testnet. Knoknok website is supported by Google Chrome (PC only).



RingsNetwork is a P2P communication network on Aptos and hasn’t gone live yet.



Aptos PepecatalCoinhttps://aptoslabs.com/

Aptos PepecataCoin is the first ever Aptos memecoin supported by DAO. WL qualifications are irregularly distributed on Twitter and it’s worth your attention.



AptosGods is the first memecoin driven by communities and has launched a token named GODS.


Aptos Woofhttps://twitter.com/AptosWoof

Aptos Woof is the first Aptos memecoin driven by NFT and has gained considerable attention on Twitter.



Shikokucoin is the first memecoin managed by communities and has gained considerable attention on Twitter.



Goofy is the first charity token on Aptos public chain.


Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) is following up on the latest progress of the above projects, and some projects will support links and portals in the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet. We will launch a detailed interactive tutorial and relevant introductions by then, and you can keep following the updates of our Aptos special column.

Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) and Aptos will officially launch a stunning event – “Super Aptos” soon and welcome to join us to win your rewards.

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