Corgi NFT Game is a turn-based strategy game based on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform. The game focuses on character elements and farm building. There are 4 main elements in the game: earth-fire-air-water, forming 4 different types of characters: dog (earth type), cat (fire type), bird (air type), shark (water type). Players will randomly form a pet squad, equip them with different types of items, and lead the squad to battle.


The Corgi NFT game transports players into a sprawling fantasy world where they can freely demonstrate their abilities and build an army of pets and territories. The plot has depth, through adventure mode or hidden map mode, full of drama and surprises, the journey of struggle between light (good) and darkness (evil). Players can fully experience the real game emotion of the game on multiple levels, instead of the boring click-to-money gameplay.

On Binance Smart Chain, you will have elemental eggs that randomly generate animals. Known as NFT pets, they can be traded as NFT assets. Every pet is unique and will always be there.

The turn-based strategy game revolves around 4 main characters representing 4 elements: dog – earth element, cat – fire element, bird – wind element, shark – water element

Random animal races, animal battles (PVE-PVP), animal upgrades, building, decorating animal training camps. Animals and in-game items exist as NFTs that can be bought, sold and auctioned.

A team will consist of 4 slots with 4 characteristic properties: Earth – Fire – Air – Water, the incompatible mechanics in the game are Earth >< Water; Water Carves Fire; Fire Carves Air; Air Carved Earth


Each spawned pet will randomly gain health, attack, defense, rarity, and a fixed 100 stamina. The rarity ranges from 1 star to 5 stars, the higher the rarity, the higher the pet’s basic stats in LV1. Random appearance (ears, eyes, mouth, tail, forehead, pattern). Every pet in any element will have an advantage when fighting in this environment. For example, Corgi (Earth) has added health and attack and defense when fighting on the Earth map. This will also create different strategies for players as they form teams to fight on each map or specific events.

NFT Market

NFT Marketplace is a place that allows you to buy – sell pets, items, buildings and land. The currency traded in the market is the $COR token.

Reward Mechanism and Equipment Upgrades

5 types of equipment are used, including hats; off-hand weapons; one-handed weapons; glasses; backpacks. You can only get these items by: (1) buying items from the equipment chests in the NFT market; (2) fighting in PVE maps, killing minions or bosses to get equipment chest rewards. Each piece of equipment has 3 levels, from 1 to 3 stars.

Each different type of equipment adds different HP, ATK, and defense attributes. You can use the fusion function to upgrade your equipment: matching 2 1-star equipment will generate 2 stars, with a 50% success rate; matching 3 2-star equipment will generate 3 stars, with a 30% success rate; if fusion fails, you will lose 1 piece as a material ‘s items.

Play and earn mechanism

Adventure mode

There are various maps in PVE mode (Adventure Mode) for you to explore the whole world in Corgi NFT game: find unique fashion sets, find treasures on each land, have conquered territories and optionally build your own pet kingdom …

When a player wins an adventure battle, the reward is SPET (seven-color gems) reward tokens and equipment. SPET is the currency used to upgrade farms, land, and upgrade your warriors and mating. To collect more SPETs, perform multiple tasks. SPET is an in-game reward token. Using SPET, players can upgrade items, animal combinations or items in-game to decorate, upgrade, build buildings, and land. Each piece of land and building is built to showcase each player’s abilities and tactics, as each piece of land creates something interesting based on the skills of the area. The number of lands in the game is fixed at 16,096 areas, which are divided into 4 terrains: plain-volcano-snow-water; therefore, as the number of players increases, the value of these lands will become more and more scarce.

PVP game mode

A team that is eligible to fight requires at least 4 pets (of whatever type). Players compete against other random players using a formation of their choice.

The PVP mechanism of Corgi NFT Game has a new point in betting function compared to many other blockchain games. Players will wager any number of SPETs, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 1000, before entering a PVP match. If you win, you will get 95% of your SPET bet, this mechanism will not increase the amount of SPET generated during the game, avoid SPET over-inflation and depreciation.

The total COR supply is 100 million tokens.

The team only holds 16% and all of these tokens are locked; team tokens are locked for the first 6 months and will vest within 28 months. Starting March 30, 2022, 2 million CORs will be transferred. Each of the following months, 500,000 CORs will be gradually released. Team rosters may be updated during the 28-month vesting period. 24 million tokens (equivalent to 24%) are used as the Ecosystem Fund. 22 million tokens (equivalent to 22%) are mining rewards, divided into multiple monthly open pools, players can earn COR by adding liquidity to COR/USDT, COR/BNB or COR/BUSD.


COR tokens can also be used in other situations:

Staking: Players can stake pets in mining camps to collect COR tokens. The rarer the summoned beast, the higher the gathering speed.

Farming: In addition to competing for equity to collect COR, players can also farm COR/USDT, COR/BNB or COR/BUSD pairs. Farming is rewarded with COR tokens in mining pools that open regularly every month. This is to maintain the stability of the account and keep the value of the COR token stable throughout the game development process.

How to get involved

1) Open the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet and switch the network to Polygon;

2) Click [Browser], enter [CorgiNFT] in the search box, and click the search result;

3) Browse the Dapp information and click [Confirm] to enter the platform homepage;


4) Click the main chain icon above, switch to [Polygon], you can go back to the home page to enter the game.


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