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Asset theft prevention

The essence of anti-theft is to prevent mnemonics and private keys from being leaked or stolen by hackers, so you need to be more careful when storing mnemonics and private keys. Once the mnemonic (private key) is stolen by a third party, your assets will face a huge threat. It is recommended that you use physical media for backup: copy it on paper and keep it properly.

When transcribing, please pay attention to the order of the mnemonic (private key), and whether it can be stored for a long time, and remember not to have problems such as unclear handwriting. In addition, do not use mobile phone screenshots, photos, or WeChat, QQ, email, mobile phone memos, etc. to store mnemonics or plaintext private keys.

BitKeep V7.0 Security Upgrade

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App built-in security measures include:

  • Security center
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