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Arbinu (ARBINU) [Altcoin]

Arbinu is one of the most popular meme coin projects on Arbitrum, with a market capitalization of $3.86 million and a community of 4.28K holders.

For individuals seeking to join a fun community or explore the Arbitrum ecosystem, Arbinu is one of the engaging projects you can participate in.

About Arbinu

The Arbinu project aims to introduce individuals to the Arbitrum ecosystem using a fun and friendly mascot, Arbinu. It is under community ownership and management, with stringent restrictions on individual holdings to foster decentralization and broad adoption. Arbinu employs the potency of memes and community-generated content to enhance recognition and comprehension of the Arbitrum universe. In this manner, Arbinu serves as a guide and companion to all Arbitrum users on their journey.


Arbinu outlines compelling reasons for individuals to become a part of this ecosystem. It was initially designed to foster an open y that supports smaller token holders, who will all participate in and benefit from the growth and development of the Arbinu Community. The community will lead all projects and initiatives, resulting in additional value for the Arbinu and Arbitrum ecosystems. Everyone is welcome to join the community and help it grow.

Arbinu is also a loyal guide and companion to every community member exploring the Arbitrum universe. It introduces new participants to blockchain innovations with a warm smile and a helping hand, guiding everyone.

Besides, Arbinu is a fun space that demonstrates how blockchain and cryptocurrency technology can be a source of creativity, collaboration, and connection. Arbinu is a place where people can showcase their skills and talents while enjoying themselves.

Interested individuals can view Arbinu’s roadmap for information on the project’s future development.


Arbinu project’s same-name token, ARBINU, was created as a fully deflationary token, with no new tokens ever to be printed. In line with this, a 1% token tax will be burned out of the 4% charged on transactions, leading to a steady decrease in token supply and an increase in each ARBINU.

Moreover, ARBINU offers staking rewards to holders who provide liquidity with their tokens, allowing them to share up to half of the 4% token tax (2%) and ensuring that supporting the project is always profitable.

Beyond its basic functionalities, the Arbinu project is committed to innovative ways of expanding its reach and attracting new users, investors, and traders. For this reason, 1% of the transaction tax is dedicated to marketing and community rewards, which include competitions and contests on social media platforms such as Twitter and Tiktok, the launch of Arbinuverse NFTs, Arbinu Merch, and other upcoming projects.

How to Buy ARBINU?

1. To buy ARBINU on Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet, click [Swap] and search for [ARBINU]. Click on [Buy], and you will be redirected to the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) Swap trading page.

2. Select the token pair as shown below and enter the amount you wish to swap. Tap on [Confirm] and enter your password to authorize the transaction. Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) Swap will automatically find you the best cross-chain payment channel.

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