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Aboard (ABE) [Derivatives]

Aboard is an order-book decentralized derivatives exchange and advisory protocol which aims to advance the crypto derivatives market and asset management business.

If you are looking to trade cryptocurrency derivatives and take advantage of potential Aboard airdrops or explore the Arbitrum ecosystem, Aboard is an essential decentralized application (DApp) you should consider trying.

About Aboard

Aboard protocol comprises a decentralized derivatives exchange and an advisory protocol to advance the growth of the crypto derivatives market and associated asset management industry.

The Aboard exchange endeavors to address the inadequacies of present decentralized derivatives exchanges by offering a more comprehensive range of products, enhanced efficiencies, and additional trading tools. Aboard’s advisory protocol is intended to serve as a platform for fund managers to formulate trading strategies and for investors to select strategies in a transparent and immutable manner.


Aboard protocol consists of a decentralized exchange and an advisory protocol (yet to be released). Aboard Exchange provides a range of features to enhance trading efficiency and improve the overall user experience. Firstly, users can trade in seven pairs of perpetual contracts with up to 25X leverage and a cross-margin trading system to maximize capital efficiency. Funding fees are implemented every 8 hours to ensure contract price stability around the corresponding index price. All perpetual contracts have insurance funds to limit the likelihood of counterparty liquidation, initially supported by capital injection from Aboard, with trading fees becoming the primary source of funds after the initial stage.

Moreover, Aboard Exchange has also launched perpetual index futures that track the performance of Bitcoin, Ether, and Binance Coin. Traders can bet on the combined direction of the three assets, and the mechanism and features of perpetual index futures are similar to those of all perpetual futures contracts. Additionally, Aboard supports options trading with traditional T-shape display and automatic contract sequence generation, market makers, external implied volatility to rationally price options, and a portfolio option margin aligned to greek risk dimensions for each asset. Automatic settlements occur upon expiry, with cash settlement for open positions based on the underlying price.

Aboard Exchange adopts an order book system to list all open buy and sell orders, which is transparent and efficient, and bootstraps most market trading volume. It also provides better liquidity and smaller spreads, enhancing the overall trading experience. Furthermore, Aboard is currently deployed on Arbitrum Mainnet, an Ethereum Layer-2 solution that utilizes Optimistic Rollups technology, offering a better ecosystem, lower transaction costs, and more decentralization.

Regarding Aboard’s Advisory Protocol, it utilizes smart contracts to connect DeFi fund managers directly with crypto investors. This eliminates the need for numerous parties and strict barriers, reducing time and financial costs for fund managers and investors. Investors and fund managers can establish ties by e-signing an investment management agreement without the involvement of third parties or paying a custody fee. The protocol provides a platform for fund managers to create trading strategies and for investors to select them in a transparent and immutable manner. All terms are recorded in smart contracts, which also help prevent agency problems and protect the interests of investors. Aboard’s Advisory Protocol can significantly improve the asset management business by providing a more efficient asset management system.


ABE is the native protocol token of Aboard, issued by the Aboard DAO, with two primary functions. Firstly, it is used to bootstrap liquidity and expand network effects. Secondly, ABE is a utility and governance token to incentivize Aboard’s decentralized governance.

Holders of ABE tokens can stake them to enjoy various functionalities such as trading fee offsets, proportional voting rights, and trade mining rewards. Additionally, ABE tokens can be used as an asset management fee and grant access to professional functions like risk controlling and portfolio management.

Aboard may consider launching its token in the future, and early users who’ve traded on the platform may receive an airdrop if that happens.

How to Use Aboard?

1. Launch the Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet and switch to the Arbitrum network. Then, click on [DApp] and search for [Aboard].

2. Review the details of the DApp and click on [Confirm] to enter [Aboard].

3. The Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) wallet will be automatically connected to Aboard. To place a trading order, click on [Buy] or [Sell], enter the amount and leverage multiplier, and confirm the transaction.

4. Swipe left at the bottom of the page to view historical orders, accounts, and other details. Additionally, you can make deposits and withdrawals of available tokens on Aboard.

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