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5 types of NFTs

Due to its inseparability, NFT is gradually derived into the following categories:

  1. NFT Artwork/Collectibles
  2. NFT identity
  3. GamFi – NFT game props
  4. Real NFT – NFT with entity mapping
  5. Other NFTs – NFTs attempted by internet companies
Type 1 : NFT artwork

NFT artwork is the earliest gameplay of NFT, and it is also the current mainstream gameplay. Its business model is similar to that of real artworks or rare items, which are collected through auctions. However, NFT artworks in the encrypted world are compared with those in the real world. With more degrees of freedom, it is usually difficult for ordinary people to participate in the design and auction of artworks in the real world, but in the encrypted world, you can mint your own designed art NFT, and then put it in Opensea for auction. At present, the most popular NFT artwork is CryptoPunk, which is this kind of pixel villain.

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Type2 :NFT identity

Due to the inseparable characteristics of NFT, many communities will issue NFT certificates to some active users. This NFT is usually an identification and can be understood as a VIP membership card. Usually, this kind of NFT identity does not have transaction attributes. First, very few people will sell their identity rewards. Second, there is no upper limit on the release of this kind of identity NFT. Of course, in the future, NFT artwork may also be used as an identity. For example, a Crypto community requires members to have Cryptopunk to join, so this NFT is both an artwork and an identity.

Type3 : GamFi

GamFi is a particularly hot topic in late 2021, as Axie Infinity’s Play to Earn model has driven the popularity of blockchain games. This type of NFT is usually a prop in the game and has transaction properties. Compared with the most representative “Fantasy Westward Journey” in the real world, the two are actually very similar. Both have an internal trading field, and players have the opportunity to pass the game. Convert the rare items in the real world into real assets. GamFi is actually a model of NFT + Game + Defi.

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Type4 : RealNFT

ealNFT is a kind of NFT that has a direct mapping relationship with the real world. The most famous one is the socks NFT released by Uni in the early days. Each NFT corresponds to a specific pair of socks. You can take the NFT to exchange for this pair of socks, and then this The NFT will be destroyed, and this one-to-one correspondence is the gameplay of RealNFT. Another example is the sake SAKE NFT that Sushi co-launched some time ago. In fact, each NFT can be exchanged for a bottle of sake. Usually, the number of such NFTs is limited, so that it has the potential for hype. Of course, there are still many ways to play this type of RealNFT, including some people who make their own house ownership into NFT for transactions in the encrypted world, which is also a manifestation of this method.

Type5 : OtherNFT

Other types of NFTs here mainly refer to NFTs issued by some big Internet companies, such as Alipay’s skin NFTs and Tencent’s music NFTs. Such NFTs usually use NFT technology but do not have the transaction attributes of NFTs, which means that you buy You cannot resell a skin NFT. This type of NFT has no hype potential, but only has collection value.


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