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27 trending projects in the Sui ecosystem worth following

The ecosystem built on Sui, one of the twin stars of Move, has begun to take shape despite the fact that Sui is still in the testnet stage. There are currently 60+ excellent Web3 projects deployed on Sui’s Devnet, and some projects are still in beta. In order to help everyone secure early benefits of the Sui ecosystem, Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) has unveiled the following key projects of the Sui ecosystem, covering sectors such as NFT, DeFi, and GameFi.

In addition, in order to fully support the development of Sui ecosystem and help users experience the ecosystem conveniently, Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) will soon connect to the Sui testnet and the incoming mainnet and will partner with key projects to provide DApp rewards for everyone.

Cross-chain bridge

Axelar Networkhttps://axelar.network/

Axelar Network is a Web3 cross-chain application that aims to provide a smooth cross-chain experience for public chains and their ecosystems. Its token, AXL, has been released and Axelar will soon support Sui public chain.


Wormhole is a cross-chain protocol backed by Solana. In October 2022, Solana released an Ethereum token cross-chain bridge and it will support the Sui testnet soon.



SuiPad is the first-ever Launchpad built on Sui and it includes functions like IDO, ISO and INO, etc.


OmniBTC is a decentralized omnichain financial platform and it was built by the ChainX team based on the LayerZero protocol. OmniBTC proposed a new pathway for OmniLending, which means users are able to deposit assets on ChainA (Ethereum), then borrow assets on ChainB (Aptos) and pay off the loan on ChainC (Sui). OmniBTC stated that investors using Swap are eligible for Pontem airdrop, given that OmniSwap on both OmniBTC and Aptos integrates LiquidSwap.

Araya Financehttps://www.arayafi.org/

Araya Finance is a one-stop DeFi protocol built on Sui and its test version will be launched soon.

ABEL Financehttps://abelfinance.xyz/#/markets

Abel Finance is a cross-chain asset lending platform. In addition to ordinary single-token lending and borrowing, Abel also supports using LP Token and NFT as collateral to lend stablecoins. Furthermore, staking LP Tokens together with ABEL or USDT can also generate certain ABEL rewards.In the future, Abel is to be deployed on the Aptos mainnet and will be launched on the Sui testnet soon.

In the future, Abel is to be deployed on the Aptos mainnet and will be launched on the Sui testnet soon.



MovEX is the first AMM+ order book DEX with hybrid liquidity on Sui, which combines the advantages of AMM and order book to provide everyone with a smooth trading experience by creating a hybrid liquidity pool.

At present, users can click “Request Demo” on the official website to fill in the list and then get ready to use MoveEX. MovEX is currently very popular on social media, and users can also follow and participate in the latest giveaway on Twitter and get POAP rewards.


Suiswap is a DEX built on Uniswap V2 and has gone live. Users are able to interact with the platform and there are currently 13 KOL followers on Twitter.


Palladium is an AMM cross-chain DEX and is yet to be launched.

Kriya DEXhttps://efficacy.finance/kriya-sui-dex/

Kriya DEX is a derivative DEX built on Sui and allows a leverage multiplier of up to 20. In addition, its sub-product Kriya Swap provides spot trading services and has gone live.


Kx.Finance is a DeFi/ DEX aggregator built on Sui and enables the trading of bonds, leverage and NFTs. The product is yet to be launched.


Tidalswap is an advanced cross-chain AMM protocol built on Aptos and Sui and it has vigorous social media platforms. Its official website and tokenomics are relatively mature.

NFT markets

Sui Galleryhttps://www.sui.gallery/

Sui Gallery is an NFT market built on Sui. At present, it is quite mysterious and you can follow Sui Gallery on Twitter and secure a place as an early bird.


StarSpace is an NFT market built on Sui waiting to be launched. At present, you can visit its official website and secure a place firsthand.


KeepSake is an NFT market built on Sui and has gone live for interaction.

Dragon SUIhttps://dragonsui.com/

Dragon SUI is an NFT market built on Sui and enables minting, collecting and trading NFTs. You will be eligible for early airdrops if you join Discord or interact with them.


BlueMove is the first-ever NFT market for communities built on Aptos and Sui that proactively rewards investors, collectors and artists. It has released IDO voting and 53% of members have agreed to IDO for MOVE.

NFT Collection


Suia.io is the first POAP application built on Sui and it has been launched on Devnet. In the future, Suia will be applied in numerous scenarios, including event tickets, medals and games, etc. Users are currently able to build and claim POAP.

Sui Punkshttps://suipunks.xyz/

Sui Punks is the first NFT collectible in the Sui NFT ecosystem and is a pixelated NFT project. It can be traded on Opensea and has currently been sold out. These NFTs are currently located on the Ethereum blockchain, given that the Sui mainnet has not yet been launched. Sui Punks will airdrop these NFTs to the Sui blockchain after the mainnet is launched.


SuiBirds is the first MEME NFT bird built on Sui. You might receive rewards if you join Discord for this project.


TokenMaskaLabs is an NFT collection built on Sui and is yet to be released. You can follow them on Twitter and find a chance to secure a place on the whitelist.


F1 Doghttps://f1.dog/

F1 Dog is the first NFT dog racing game built on Sui and Aptos blockchains. It was designed to digitize the traditional dog racing industry. Players can own, train their dogs, breed and use them to compete without prior knowledge of conventional racing or extensive gaming skills and anyone can join the game and earn a profit. The F1 Dog racing has kick-started and players can participate through Twitter.

Lucky Kathttps://careers.lucky-kat.com/

Lucky Kat is an award-winning mobile game studio with games that have been downloaded more than 200 million times on App Store and its first sold-out NFT project “Panzerdogs” is a top 10 Solana game. Feel free to follow them on Twitter for opportunities to get whitelisted.


PLASMAVERSE is a metaverse ARPG game running on Aptos/Sui blockchains and users are able to join its OG roleplay events with prizes to claim.


Sui Names https://sui-names.com/

Sui Names is a decentralized digital identity focused on the Sui ecosystem. Users can obtain a “.sui” username that can be used to represent you in the Metaverse. Sui Names is planning to assist the NFT collectible series by integrating SuiNames into their NFTs.


Shinami aims to provide the driving force for the next wave of DApps and to facilitate the construction of Sui blockchain for developers without necessarily running and maintaining nodes.


It used to be called Askmex and can provide peer-to-peer expert consultation in various fields around the world, aiming to create a Web3 professional think tank based on social networks and to pay for knowledge. You need a Twitter account to log in and the App is expected to open Beta test in the fourth quarter.

Sui Name Service (https://www.suins.io)

Sui Name Service is a decentralized digital identity service in the Sui ecosystem and is currently in beta. Since the Sui network resets every few days, the domains registered at this time disappear periodically. Sui Name Service stated in a tweet that it plans to thank early adopters.
The above are trending projects from various fields on the Sui public chain. Although some projects are yet to be tested, you can follow their Twitter to find opportunities and secure places for an early whitelist. Bitget Wallet (Previously Bitget Wallet (Previously BitKeep)) will soon support the Sui testnet and users can quickly access and interact with DApps that have been tested.

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